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"Inclusion is about a sense of belonging, about feeling respected, valued for who you are. It is an all-encompassing practice of ensuring that people of differing abilities related to, for example, sex, age, and race, feel a sense of belonging, are engaged, and are connected to the goals and objectives of the whole wider society."

Buyie Masuku

The Inclusion group at the Institute for Democratic Education deals with the development of a value based concept , policy, and practical ways of creating a space for equal education at schools and in the other arenas of the city.

It is a space that holds the value of diversity in high regard, believes in each person's strengths, and regards discourse among different people as a prerequisite for ensuring the growth, development, and happiness of the individual and the community.

Including youth at risk: the Stars program

The Star Program

Equal Opportunity for at- risk children and teens in the urban sphere

"All a child needs is one adult to believe in him"

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

The Star Program focuses on at-risk populations. In many cases, these disadvantaged populations, who suffer economic and social hardships, find themselves in life-threatening situations. Their circumstances might impair their basic ability to exercise their rights as equal citizens.


The Star Program is offered as part of an integrated urban system of education, community and welfare services. Its point of departure is that, in order to address youngsters' needs, you must pool resources and create a social "network" of all the city's support and educational entities. This urban structure will prevent the teens from "falling between the cracks" vis-à-vis the various support and assistance entities.

The program focuses on individual mentoring for high school students who are having trouble fitting in, are at risk, and need emotional support and guidance.

This program has a major role in helping these adolescents experience success and develop personally, relying on their unique inherent strengths.