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“Anybody and everybody can succeed, 
anybody and everybody can feel belong, 
anybody and everybody can be 
part of a community”

- Osnat Stochinger, Manager of the Unit of Community and Volunteer Resources, Hod Hasharon.

You will be acquainted with an “Education City” which breaks out of traditional school borders in order to create a growing and developing educational sphere – that is, an educational environment that becomes an inseparable part of the everyday lives of its residents. We will introduce the process of becoming an Education City, a city that attempts at creating an urban space that allows “Anybody Can” to fulfill his or her uniqueness in the community.

Our journey starts with an inspiring visit to the mayor in “Bat-Yam Education City” and at the “Product”: “The Bat-Yam model for Personal education” and ends at creating an exceptional and distinct “Education City” which stands out in its uniqueness and innovation.

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By Revital Yahalom