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about people

The high-quality staff of the Institute comprises close to 60 people from differing backgrounds: managers of school-systems, social activists, organizational consultants, group facilitators, psychologists, sustainability experts, outstanding teachers, high-tech people, academicians, and former military people.

Our staffers are experts in a range of areas - educational philosophy, innovation, regional change, creating dialogue, group facilitation, and evaluation processes.

And they have shared qualities - passion, uncompromising commitment to the success of the venture, a democratic humanistic value-set, openness of thought, an entrepreneurial spirit, and skills in facilitating change processes.

Most important - they are all willing to dream, to translate their dreams into the smallest details, and then fulfil it in practice.

Team members

Coming soon - detailed profiles of all our team members. Until then - here are few of them.

"A picture worth a thousand words"



Eyal Ram

General Manager





Yael Schwartzberg

Education Cities  Director





Yotam Tron

 Halutz and Democratic College Director





Michal Gilboa Ater

 Knowledge Management and Professional Development Director





Tamar Zilberstein

Human Resources Director





Amir Kabiri

Fianance Director


The Institute for Democratic Education is a registered none for profit  foundation since 1997.

The board members are:

Tamar Haris - Chairperson 

Ronen Keidar (CPA) - Accountant

Ofir Katz - Lawyer

Udy Foster (CPA) - Auditor